Donor On Call

Our Goal

The need based camps started in Covid peak 2020 have given 25 to 100 blood units each camp, which helps the 600 odd children
attached to the PGI of Child Health, Noida, NCR Delhi for regular transfusion, transplants and surgeries.

So through this unique institute, we help up serving children coming from all over India and neighbours and if a donor’s own needs arise.

Your gesture of small amount of blood donated means a BIG thing for these children.

All healthy blood donors to help kids coming here from all over India and neighbours, please register on : Google Forms

WHO (World Health Organisation) applauds “Donor on Call” App on the World Blood Donor day. Earlier ICMR and Cornell University did too.
National Blood donor Day 2019, a cycling ride was organised for awareness by Super Speciality Paediatric Hospital Noida

We also focus on sustainable donor health through nature connect, cycling, yoga, running etc. for improved mental and physical health (video on home page). Safe blood is essential and we hence screen for permanent diseases and temporary ones for restriction period like in antibiotics, dengue, jaundice etc. A record of donor’s donation and Hemoglobin level can be maintained in the app too. The app beta version launched around March 2017 is based on learning’s since 2014.

Starting in Diwali 2014, we arranged six donors for rare blood groups for kids undergoing marrow transplant for brand new lease of life. Amongst the first set to come forward was Mrs Aartee Antal, who was spontaneous. The Kurd Kid supported by her donation was discharged later and a nice meeting between the two of them and kid’s mother and her DONOR EXPERIENCE narrated in the video alongside. Our blood donors supported kids and patients from Kenya, Uzbek, Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Fiji and Nepal besides India.

Inspired by the initiatives, several kids of our donors who cannot donate blood due to age restrictions make up our child band and perform for kid patients and staff at the pediatric super-specialty hospital catering to marginalized sections. They have even engaged blood cancer survivor kids (whom we supported during treatment) into their singing – videos alongside. The oncologist has found such music therapy useful in the patients recovery, narrated the same in the video here.

During July 2018, we also presented our initiative at a Health Section of a Global Summit in the Silicon Valley, California, USA. We also visited Facebook headquarters at Menlo Park, CA and discussed the issues regarding India’s blood donors, wastage etc. for larger good.

Lockdown Donors